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Healthy Youth USA

[timeline_event_ctn bg_color=”#ffffff” vline_color=”#27efd2″ vline_alt_color=”#8224e3″ hl_color=”#1abc9c” alt_hl_color=”#21c2f8″ h_color=”#2c3e50″ t_color=”#000000″ b_color=”#fca041″][timeline_date date=” 2004″][timeline_event image=”8467″ title=”Healthy Youth USA”]Healthy Youth USA establishes a presence in the North Atlanta area with its first sports Camp. “Charles Sharper Basketball Camp of Champions”. Annual sports camp and summer camp have now become a favorite tradition during out of school time for participants in the community.o.[/timeline_event][timeline_date date=”2006″][timeline_event image=”8467″ title=”Healthy Youth USA”]”After School Club” is launched by Healthy Youth USA as the most anticipated private after school program in the North Atlanta.  Serving community schools Woodland Charter, Austin Elementary, Spaulding Drive Charter, Dunwoody Springs to name a few.[/timeline_event][timeline_date date=”2009″][timeline_event image=”8467″ title=”Healthy Youth USA”]Healthy Youth USA is recognized by the IRS as a not-for-profit charitable organization under the tax exempt section 501(c)(3). Under the new official identity, The Healthy Youth USA Foundation establishes goals and strategies to carry out its mission to provide youth development through sports, recreation and mentorship.[/timeline_event][timeline_date date=”2013″][timeline_event image=”8467″ title=”Healthy Youth USA”]The After School Club kicks off its arts program with an annual Holiday Play and Talent show!

Families can’t wait for the anticipated shows at the end of each School semester. These two events serve as a great fundraiser to help carry out our goals.

Click Here[/timeline_event][timeline_date date=”2014″][timeline_event image=”8457″ title=”Healthy Youth USA”]The Healthy Youth USA Foundation becomes an approved Out of School Time provider by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to support the healthy development of young people.[/timeline_event][timeline_date date=”2015″][timeline_event image=”8467″ title=”Healthy Youth USA”]The Foundation becomes an approved After School vendor for the Fulton County Schools!

Look for us at your local FCS school.[/timeline_event][/timeline_event_ctn]

The Healthy Youth USA Foundation does not discriminate in employment, program opportunities, or program access on the basis of race, sex, gender, color, religion, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, political belief, or other status protected by state and federal statues.

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